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Race Tech Spring and Emulator Kit for Harley 35mm, 39mm, adjustable 39mm, 41mm, and 49mm Frontends

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Race Tech's award winning Gold Valve Emulator Kits for Forks provide a personalized setup and adjustability. Gold Valves Emulators improve fork oil flow dramatically reducing harshness while actually increasing bottoming resistance (as shown with data acquisition). These Kits can often be installed by individuals interested in understanding and tuning their own suspension or they can be installed by a local Race Tech Center, Dealer or of course the Race Tech's Service Department. Gold Valve Kits include Installation Instructions, Tuning Guides and alternate parts to allow a custom setup and adjust ability for rider preference and type of riding.
*** FXDX and FXDXT adjustable frontends require different spring and 2 sets of Gold Valves ***